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To find the ideal size, we recommend using a soft tape measure to place the different sizes along your face to determine the best fit. The width of the mask should run across your nose and end along your cheekbones, about 1-1½ inches before each ear. The curve length should take the curvature of the mask into account.

We recommend viewing our measuring video guide for further instruction.


The width of the mask should run across your nose and end 1 - 1 ½ inches away from your ear. This distance is approximately the width of 2 fingers.

If you are using a soft measuring tape or string, press the tape/string down so it is molded to your nose, creating a more accurate measurement for the width.

When measuring for curve length, begin at the middle of your nose (just under the bridge and just above the tip of your nose). The endpoint should be measured on the underside of your chin (just past your chin bone). This is the ideal spot for the mask to end since it curves around the chin. This measurement should curve to imitate the curve of the mask, rather than being pressed flat against your face.

The measurements in the sizing guide are the specifications for each mask.

In collaboration with Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times®, OURA introduces Unity to its lineup of antimicrobial headwear. Built to protect, designed to give. This hat embodies the unification of a community-driven to create a long-lasting impact on children with cancer. The Unity hat features a modernistic Camp style logo with OURA’s signature origami crane positioned adjacently. Combining advanced technology with the intent to help, this hat donates 50% of proceeds towards those battling cancer.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times® is a cost-free, medically supervised residential camp experience for children who have or have had cancer. Camp heals places medical cancer treatments cannot reach by bringing joy and hope back into the lives of children with cancer and their families.

  • Creates Good: 50% of proceeds are donated to gift "Camp in a Box" to childhood cancer patients.
  • Self-sterilizing Technology: Kills bacteria, viruses, and other germs.
  • Water Repellent: Deflects sprays and aerosols to help prevent pathogen penetration.
  • Moisture Wicking: Decreases humidity and heat around your head during use, so you stay cool.
  • Breathability: Advanced textiles help the hat to remain breathable.
  • Deodorizing: Breaks down 94% of odor-causing molecules and bacteria.
  • Hypoallergenic: Made with skin-friendly fabrics that do not contain any harsh chemicals. Safe for the skin microbiome.
  • 3 sizes: Our hats come with an adjustable band to fit snugly on anyone.
  • UV Protective: UPF 50+ protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Customer Reviews

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Love the style and fit of this hat

The build quality is detailed and very well made. Feels soft yet sturdy and the fit is perfect. The black with the colorful logo really adds to the look of the hat.


Guaranteed funk-free with bacteria killing minerals embedded in every thread.

UV Protective

Get better protection against harmful UV rays.


Dissipates sweat so you stay cool and your hat stays dry.

Water Repellent

Hydrophobic technology to keep you dry, no matter the conditions.

There's Camp

Every purchase sponsors a pediatric child to virtually attend Camp Ronald Mcdonald for Good Times.

Frequently Asked Questions

All OURA hats are self-cleaning to remove odors and bacteria. The antimicrobial compounds embedded within the hat are photocatalytic, meaning they are most active in the light. For best results, leave your hat in direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes.

If there is any visible dirt or residue, we recommend hand-washing your hat with a mild detergent under cold running water. The hat should not be machine washed.

Washing the hat will not remove any of its protective properties.

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