Alta Towel

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Alta is the most technologically advanced towel you will ever use.

Most towels are dirtier than you think. That musty smell they get is actually bacteria and mold. The two love to grow on moist, damp fibers and can be easily seen under a microscope. That's why Alta was engineered with unique technologies to kill microbes before they get a chance to grow—keeping you and your towel clean and fresh after every shower.

Cotton is one of the softest, most absorbent materials in the world. Alta is made with 100% long-staple cotton sonically infused with copper, meaning it's hypoallergenic and ultra-plush for those with even the most sensitive skin.

And while copper has been used as an antibacterial agent for centuries, it has also been scientifically proven to promote skin health and elasticity. We've harnessed these unique properties and put them to use for the ultimate drying experience.

Made in Turkey.

Simply Cotton & Copper

There are just 2 things in our towel: cotton and copper. Cotton is extremely soft and super absorbent while copper's antimicrobial effects have been used for hundreds of years. with the most advanced technology, Alta combines them into form an all-natural towel that never gets musty.

Here’s how it works:

Using CottonX technology, copper oxide is infused into the cotton fibers with ultrasonic (sound) waves. This creates a permanent attachment at the molecular level. This proprietary process is the only technology that delivers antimicrobial effects to 100% cotton.

It Comes From Within

Most antibacterial treatments are a silver coating that washes off with every use—ours doesn't. Our OURA towels are infused (not coated!) with copper. This means that it is permanently embedded into every fiber of cotton, so your towel stays cleaner longer.

Here’s how it works:

Silver coatings chip and wash off with every use, leaching into our waterways and losing its effects after as few as 10 washes. But because our EPA-approved manufacturing process sonically infuses copper into cotton, there's no risk of that with OURA towels. Instead, the copper in Alta stays attached to the cotton fibers even after 100 washes - all with no loss of antimicrobial efficacy.

Supremely Soft

Densely packed with cotton fibers for a premium, luxurious feel.


Copper oxide embedded into the towel kills bacteria to keep things clean and fresh.

Microscopic images show no bacterial growth after three uses.

Dry Off Quickly

Made with 100% long-fiber cotton and no dobby to maximize surface area.

Environmentally Friendly

A towel that stays cleaner longer means less laundry, less wasted water, and a happier Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alta is made with 100% cotton infused with copper so that it kills 99% of germs. This includes bacteria that cause must and acne, viruses, and mold.

GSM stands for grams per square meter and it indicates how plush a towel is. Thin, lightweight towels tend to be under 400 GSM. Average-weight towels, like beach towels, are usually 400 - 600 GSM. Any towel above 600 GSM is considered (by the experts, of course) to be a luxury towel. OURA’s Alta towel hits the sweet spot of 650 GSM: it is ultra-absorbent and eternally soft, without being inconveniently thick and dense. In other words, it’s top-quality.

If a towel isn’t absorbent, can you even call it a towel? We made sure Alta soaks up water. Rather than twisting shorter fibers into compact threads that reduce the absorbency, Alta uses zero-twist loops which are far more absorbent and soft. Additionally, we removed the doby (the patterned sections of towels that don’t soak up water) to maximize the available area of the towel. Finally, it’s ultra-plush coming in at 650 GSM.

No! Alta Towels are made with only long-stable cotton. These long staple lengths mean that the towel is extremely resistant to shedding. There’ll be no lint while you dry off!

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