Kids' Mask Sizing Guide

To find the ideal size, we recommend using a tape measure to place the different sizes along your face to determine the best fit. The width of the mask should run across your nose and end along the cheekbones. The curve length takes the curvature of the face into account.

As a general guideline, our mask was designed for the following ages.

Small: Ages 2 - 5

Medium: Ages 5 - 8

Large: Ages 8 - 12


When measuring the endpoints for width, place 2 fingers in between your ear and cheekbone. This distance is estimated to be 1 - 1 ½ inches away from your ear. Do this on both sides of your face. This is approximately where the mask should sit and on your face and we recommend measuring from this point for the best results.

If you are using a soft measuring tape or string, press the tape/string down onto your nose so it is molded, adding a more accurate length for your width.

When measuring for curve length, begin at the middle of your nose (just under the bridge and just above the tip of your nose). The endpoint should be measured on the underside of your chin (just past your chin bone). This is the ideal spot for the mask to end since it curves around the chin.

The measurements in the sizing guide are the specifications for each mask.